Shimada Appli合同会社 Spray system without angel hair

Spray technique that does not angel hair and nozzle clogging.

We developed a technology that can spray paint and adhesive etc. without angel hairs. We have already applied for overseas patents and have already been put to practical use for painting, and we will proceed to develop conformal coating such as moisture proof and insulation on the mounting board in the future.The construction method developed this time provides a spray coating system and a method which are hard to cause so-called angel hair and nozzle clogging even with a high viscosity liquid material.

基本情報Spray system without angel hair

When applying acrylic or rubber based paints, adhesives and functional materials with a spray gun, the high viscosity coating solution does not atomize but leaves it from the spray gun in a form. We generally call this a "thread of creaking phenomenon" (Generation of Angel Hair).Especially when a high molecular weight material is used as a solvent type adhesive material at high concentration, the coating solution coming out from the nozzle at the tip of the spray gun becomes a spider web with no mist.

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型番・ブランド名 Spray system without angel hair and nozzle clogging
用途/実績例 Example 1
When applying Elepcoat (model LSS 540 MHF) manufactured by Nitto Shinko Corp. which is a solvent-containing moisture proof insulating material, angel hair occurs unless weight ratio is 1: 1 in order to counteract angel hair with air spray or airless spray.
Example 2
An acrylic urethane paint which is liable to be clogged unless the viscosity is 80 CPS or less is used for painting which is not clogged with a viscosity of 200 CPS or more and is touched and dried within 1 min after painting.

カタログSpray system without angel hair

取扱企業Spray system without angel hair


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1.マスクレスコンフォーマルコーティング塗布乾燥システム  (一部実案登録済、国内特許取得) 2.VOC対策防湿材マスクレスコンフォーマルコーティング   塗布乾燥システム(一部実案登録済、国内特許取得、韓国特許取得) 3.工具レス低吐出用精密スプレイガン(国内特許取得、中国、台湾,韓国   特許取得済。) 4.SA型フィルムコートガン及びノズル製造(実用新案登録済) 5.吐出量自動可変バルブFS07マイクロバルブ(特許取得) 6.糸引きしやすい塗布材をつまり、糸引き無しで原液でスプレイ塗布   するシステム製作(特許取得)   7.高フィラー材料の均一塗布システム  等々の開発、製造及び販売 8.各種自動塗布乾燥装置設計業務

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